Open letter to



the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir V. Putin,
His Excellency the ambassodor of the Russian Federation in Germany, Mr. Vladimir M. Grinin,
the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Leipzig, Mr. Vjacheslav A. Logutov,
the management of the airshow MAKS 2013


Dear Mr. President,
your Excellency,
dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am Slavicist with a great love to Russia. I am also a freelance aviation journalist and have visited the most important russian Airshow MAKS regularly since 2001 to cover aviation topics for renowned aviation magazines and daily press. The aerospace industry is an important economic factor for Russia and has made creditable progress, of which its employees can really be proud of.


I would have liked to cover this important event in 2013 as well.
However, I have decided against the trip to MAKS 2013.

This is to express my protest against the current anti-democratic activities of russian politics. In your eyes this might look power- and senseless, but I owe this measure the idea of democracy and myself. Without the claim of completeness I want to name the legislation against homosexuals, the totally excessive punishment of members of the punkband “Pussy Riot“, the obviously staged prosecution of oppositional politician Alexej Navalnyj, the growing intimidation of civil society structures like NGOs and oppositional parties, the continious murders of critical journalists throughout the country and the ongoing violations of human rights e.g. in Chechnya. I am sure that a stronger civil society and a tightened opposition are important for Russia on its way to a better commonwealth.



Dr. Robert Kluge